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The Hunchback of Notre Dame:

This animated film is as sad as it is triumphant. Following Quasimodo’s tragic life comes to a heroic full circle with of course song and chutzpah throughout. It will never seize to amaze what kids can learn from Disney films.

Under the eyes of Frolo (no not YOLO’s distant cousin), Quasimodo is demeaned and has big dreams of leaving the bells of Notre Dame to walk in the town square. Frolo, in his dark circles but well cut cloth, reminds Quasimodo every chance that he is a monster, which weakens his self-esteem. At least Quasi has a gleeful voice. And his gargoyle friends are spirit lifters.

Esmeralda is the gypsy and befriends Quasimodo, showing him a whole new world. It looks as though Quasi maybe become more than friendly with Esmeralda but she goes back to being a mistress of the night. When Esmeralda gets into trouble, she is rescued by Quasi and they are back in the friend’s zone. Poor boo.

Paris is burning. Hell is rising. As the city is divided, one more insult from Frolo about Quasi’s mom sets him off and he finally gets a backbone. If anyone hasn’t learned, you don’t bring mama into the situation. The film ends in a Cyrano De Bergerac-esque style with Phoebus, the daringly striking soldier in Frolo’s army, getting with Esmeralda with Quasi’s blessing. The skies are blue again and once out of the darkness, Quasi makes friends with people who once rejected the image of him. If Disney characters were real, they would shop at American Apparel.