"The Best Man Holiday"

This film is very satisfying for all audiences. As the film began, the recap was great because there was a progression in each of the character’s careers. Then the story got down to business.

Every time Terrence Howard walked into a scene, the audience started laughing. That’s how much of a fool you knew he was. From his “stimulus package” to just every daggone thing he said, it was riotous. Melissa De Sousa as Shelby is still the female counterpart to Quentin (Terrence Howard). She still carried that snotty and bougie attitude but her sympathy as the film progressed revealed her as the human being she is. Eddie Cibrian as Brian was a great addition to the cast as Jordan’s (Nia Long) snow bunny. It was also a great to not add too many people into the cast.

The story has a great balance of drama and humor. The audience went between choking on popcorn from laughing so hard to dabbing their eyes with a tissue you didn’t know you needed. Moments like those were so powerful especially telling existence in life. The character’s have developed great growth but hold onto the naiveté of their college days. Boys will be boys and nasty too. Regardless of past and present drama, the friends are all there for each other.

I am very surprised that the film was not #1 especially with all of the great promotion and the word of mouth that should have put this film into a new stratosphere. However, I am very happy about the money it made. Hopefully this will continue to show how valuable these stories are onscreen.