"The Bling Ring"

I wouldn’t be surprised if “Walk Like An Egyptian” became a popular dance again. Everything is on social media. Technology and stupidity made it easy access for these kids to rob celebrities. It also made it easy for them to be caught.

Calabasas is the new Beverly Hills as new kid Marc is already the outsider before he gets to the front steps of Indian Hills High School. That changes when he meets Rebecca. The first time is fun but as the road winded sharper, it was just about more. First world problems, thrill, hormones and homeschooling could explain why these kids robbed. Nicki was quick to pull the Jesus card to save her life when she was arrested. I could not believe that the LAPD was all into this investigation as if a murder was involved.

Katie Chang as Rebecca, the ringleader, is the star of this film. Sofia Coppola’s direction was unique as ever. The music set each scene of this film. This film seemed to comprise of “Havoc” and “Traffic” with the drugs, access, image and esteem. Rebecca wanted to be famous but got it the worst. Websites, “follow me,” and of course Vanity Fair are what happened for most of the kids. Oh, and there was jail for all of them.

I do believe that this story did not have to be onscreen. There is already a film with the same title based on this story that premiered on Lifetime but I guess because this “The Bling Ring” is based off the Vanity Fair article and Sofia Coppola did the film, it goes onscreen. There was no major distributor for this film, which I think it interesting. The film is good but was not as suspenseful as I would imagine with this story.

Questions and Thoughts:

1. Is FIDM the Stanford of fashion schools?
2. These kids did have aspirations. It’s amazing what peer pressure can do.
3. Was Entourage still popping when all of this was going on?
4. I guess with Leslie Mann’s acting, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.
5. How long is All of the Lights?
6. This is another film with tones of religion. There was also celebrity obsession.
7. The Google Earth Leader Rises would have been an interesting title for this film.
8. These kids never asked each other if they looked good in orange.