"The Counselor"

Cameron Diaz is the pulse of this film. Malkina (Diaz) is commanding in her conviction for power. Cameron hasn’t given a performance like this since “Vanilla Sky” and is a stellar role to show the actor she is. Even her tattoo was perfection. As Reiner, Javier Bardem embraced the Versace Versace life with another crazy hairstyle. He delivered a great balance between drama and humor. Penelope Cruz, who played Laura the fiancé of The Counselor (Michael Fassbender), had a small role but was of a bigger picture. Michael Fassbender continues to emerge as an acting power player. Watching his emotional scenes was striking. Brad Pitt is still a fine glass of wine and in his acting. Dean Norris had a quick scene as a drug dealer. My have the roles turned for him.

Women in this film are always talked about, showing what is the weakness for these men. However, the women are not sex objects. Their choice to be sexual is not motivated by possessions or money. Their choice to be sexual is for their gain of power and pleasure.

Reiner’s house looked like Art Basel or a “Vogue” photo shoot. Cheetahs were hanging poolside, in the backseat of a car and by the piano like it was nothing. El Paso may very well be used more as a film location. Location wise, the film is similar to the FX show, “The Bridge.” When Spanish was spoken, there were no subtitles and it was refreshing. Daniel Pemberton created a perfect score with use of Spanish music, traditional instruments and songs to detail the action. Ridley Scott is enough said as a powerful director.

The film is poetic, full of thought provoking quotes. Also similar to “Traffic” but on a smaller context. The film is also tastefully violent. The story can become confusing but it is a thrill ride.