"The Danish Girl"

A moving and quiet film that leaves the audience emotionally captivated. Alicia Vikander is outstanding as Gerda, Einar’s supportive and loving wife. She gives her heart into the performance and is the light of this film. Teddy, Einar and Gerda’s dog, was great. Eddie Redmayne is beautiful as Einar and Lili. The moments when Einar studied how women carried themselves and when he held a pair of stockings were beautiful against the struggle he had to become Lili. Director Tom Hooper illuminates those moments Einar has in this film with his use of scenery and dialogue by Writer Lucinda Coxon. The supporting cast of Ben Wishaw, Matthias Schoenaerts and Amber Heard (in a great departure role) is wonderful. Einar and Gerda are portrait artists and live carefree and passionate lives. Lili was accepted at parties and some may have known she was Einar. Yet as Einar transitioned to Lili, the toll it took on him was present and the mental stigma of being who you are was evident.