"The Florida Project"

Watching this film was like standing in front of a burning car that turns into a rainbow. It is blissfully funny, honest and reactive.

Willem Dafoe plays Bobby Hicks, a sympathetic character moving in his power and care as the hotel manager. Bria Vinaite is as colorful as the tattoos on her chest. Her character, Halley, is driven by her youth but also cares for her daughter. She is allergic to responsibility but handles her business. Mela Murder plays Ashley, Halley’s friend and Scott’s mother. You’re not judging them for their actions but attune with how their lives move. Brooklynn Prince is the heart of the film. She plays Moonee, a reflection of her mother who absorbs her surroundings. Valeria Cotto plays Jancey and Christopher Rivera plays Scooty. They are the heart strings of the film.

The writing captures the zeitgeist of language. I’d like to know the research Writers Sean Baker and Chris Bergoch put into the script. The direction captures the beauty of locations. The puffy white clouds and humidity of Florida. If you haven’t listened to the “Awards Chatter” podcast, Sean Baker and Brooklynn Prince are featured in a insightful and delightful episode.

Florida seems to be a theme location for A24 films also seen in "Spring Breakers" & "Moonlight". The whimsical turmoil that ties culture and society pulses once again in this film.