"The Founder"

“You’re a leech, Ray. A professional leech.”

Ray Kroc is taking a six spin mixer to various burger stands to speed up production for hungry customers. Slam after slam of the door, Ray loses hope. Until he gets a phone call. In the expanse of a drive from Missouri to California, he discovers his dream. A meeting with the Brothers McDonald and their wholesome family restaurant, the old Ray is soon dead and gone.

If in the eighties “greed is good”, then in the 50’s “greed is necessary.” Ray expands and expands McDonald’s, gets his groove and fills his ego. While he is loyal to his secretary and hires other down and out business men, do not let this fool you!

Michael Keaton is excellent. He molds into the Midwest charm and then the sly attitude of a businessman. The performance shows his power as a villain. If Linda Cardellini didn’t play a similar character in “Mad Men,” I would have enjoyed her role more. Laura Dern gives a great performance as Ray’s lowly wife. I am also shook to learn that Nick Offerman (😍😍) played one of the brothers. He is commanding. John Carroll Lynch gives a strong performance as the other brother. It’s amazing to see the values and principles the brothers held for the restaurant and what it has turned to.

You can watch the film on Netflix.