"The Good Lie"

The film gives a background of a Sudanese tribe who struggle to stay together amidst being broken up during a war in the 1980s. The film moves into when the rest of the group is older and a family of three men and one girl are selected to move to the United States. The film delves into the assimilation each has. Trying to bring their customs into a new place proves difficult yet a challenge that strengthens them.

Emmanuel Jal, Arnold Oceng, Ger Duany and Kuoth Wiel give life to the men and woman who are based on this true story. Reese Witherspoon plays Carrie, who is their employee agent and helps them find work. She has a character transformation and gives a great performance. Corey Stoll is also in the film as Jack, Carrieā€™s boss and is charming and warm to the circumstances to the refugees.

The title is a great dichotomy and is explained throughout the film as a profound experience for what everyone in this film learns. This film is heartwarming, humorous, dramatic and engaging.