"The Hangover III"

As I recalled thoughts of The Hangover Part II, I thought that I wouldn’t even get a buzz watching The Hangover Part III.

Nonetheless, I had the intention of seeing this film because after seeing in the trailer where Allan says “Papa John’s” in an Italian accent with the intention of meaning that Papa John’s is real Italian food, I started to believe that this film was going to be pure comedy gold.

Ken Jeong should be sent to do every press interview for anything he is in. As Mr. Chow who seemed to get his doctorate in effective curse word pronunciation*, I learned that Ken in real life is a doctor. I wonder what his Dr. Pepper commercial would be like? If there were any missing parts of this film, Mr. Chow filled them in. The film takes you on a few adventures as in the other films but continued to display the art of comedy. When its pals in Vegas, they have all the f****n problems. Stu also pumped the comedy quite nicely. Best Friend Doug will forever be known as the pawn. Phil is still as dry as ever but beautiful.

I think I really enjoyed this film because of how the writers were able to create a story that was true to this series. I predict that vests are going to be very popular on the runways for next year.

Critics say that this film is a good conclusion to this blockbuster and authentic series. Trust ‘em because they’re doctors of film.

* Otherwise known as linguistics.