"The Heat"

The film is not hilarious but the humor builds throughout the film with the physical comedy of Melissa McCarthy. Sandra Bullock plays Sarah Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent who takes a drug case in Boston for a possible promotion. Sarah reluctantly partners with Shannon Mullens (Melissa McCarthy), a foul-mouthed Boston detective. Sandra plays well with Melissa. She also delivers in the drama of the film.

The funniest scene was with The Mullens family at the dinner table. It was similar to The Klumps in “The Nutty Professor” with lots of puns, insiders with gutter and rude humor. Mike Andrews served as music composer and balanced old school for the opening scene, club music and standard police buddy cop music. Director Paul Feig is solid just seeming to let the camera roll to capture each scene where there was room for scenes to be improvised. The script was refreshing for two women to be fighting crime and using their sexuality to their advantage instead of against their will; also to see two women starring in a comedy. Boston is the centerpiece of this story through the cities architecture, unlimited bars and streets.