"The Hundred Foot Journey"

The bustling streets of India and the breathtaking French countryside create the scenes for this film about rivalry, friendship, family and food. Dueling restaurants preserve traditions of French cuisine and the succulent spices and smells of Indian food, respectively.

Helen Mirren is elegant as ever despite how mean her character is. There is reason for the latter attitude of her character Mallory. Om Puri who plays Papa, the owner of the Indian restaurant, is hilarious in his stubborn and loving demeanor. He truly steals the film. Charlotte Le Bon is delightful as Marguerite, a sous chef at the French restaurant. Manish Dayal plays charismatically Hassan, superb cook, son to Papa and a love interest to Marguerite.

This story is well crafted by writer Steven Knight with rich direction by Lasse Hallstrom. There are a few scenes where there is little to no lighting and it is interesting. A.R. Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) created a stimulating soundtrack for the film.

This film is enjoyable. I would not watch it on an empty stomach. The food looks so delicious.