"The Intern"

Robert De Niro is the attraction for this film. He is funny, sharp and caring as Ben Whitaker, a widower who wants to stay active during retirement and enrolls in an internship program. He is also suave and a asset to About the Fit, a online shopping company where he is interning.

The whole movie I thought this is who Andy Sachs turned out to be: a successful businesswoman, mother and wife. Anne Hathaway meets Robert De Niro with charisma that is undeniable between two actors and their characters. There is also a great supporting cast of Rene Russo, Adam Devine, Andrew Rannells, Zach Perlman, Jason Orley and Christina Scherer.

There were moments in the film that felt unnecessary. I didn’t understand why this film was TWO HOURS. However, Writer/Director Nancy Meyers brings to light the plight successful women have and their responsibilities in the home. Also, the ever generational gap and use of technology. This is an enjoyable film.