"The Post"

There is a two in one for this film: a mini biography of Katharine Graham and the decision to publish the details of the Pentagon Papers.

The Washington Post newsroom had a few sistas with Afros.

Meryl Streep also gives a few fashion moments, courtesy of Costume Designer Ann Roth. There is a gold trimmed caftan that amplifies Meryl for the goddess that she is.

Katharine Graham had many factors in the decision. There were people who doubted her ability to lead. In the decision to publish the details, Katharine stood firm.

Carrie Coon is exuberantly sarcastic as Meg Greenfield, one of the lead reporters. Sarah Paulson plays Tony Bradlee. Even in a dingy paint dripped button down, she is stunning. Bob Odenkirk is good. Alison Brie plays Katharine’s daughter, Lally. There were moments you can tell Alison fangirled subtly in playing onscreen with Meryl. She also continues to establish herself as a wonderful actor. Tom Hanks gives a solid performance. Jesse Plemmons, Matthew Rhys and Bradley Whitford are a part of a strong supporting cast.

The film is moody, often times slow. There was probably one scene where the sun was shining. This attests to the Steven Spielberg signature.

Showing the newspaper go to press was a extraordinary moment particularly as we live in this digital age. The moment heightened the drama as the decision was made and re-evaluated.