"The Wolf of Wall Street"

Reading this novel, this film had to be a fantastic voyage. “The Wolf of Wall Street” is surprisingly funny captained by an awe-struck performance by Leonardo DiCaprio. As Jordan Belfort, Leonardo is abusive, manipulative, money hungry and an all around human being.

The film is incredibly mind-blowing. All about sex, drugs and money that were thriving in Wall Street. The film is really Rated R, which I appreciate. Orgies, lines and lines of cocaine and violence that is so surreal where it could otherwise be cheesy yet makes the film a real fantasyland.

Jonah Hill gives a brilliant performance. He is settling in well in the supporting role while emerging as a star. He held the humor and the drama with his teeth to his hair to his thick accent. Matthew McConaughey had about three scenes and was memorable. This performance caps a astounding year of work he has had. The supporting cast includes Rob Reiner, Jean Dejardin, P.J. Byrne, Jon Bernthal and Ethan Embry (!!!!). Margot Robbie, who played Naomi, Jordan’s naïve and suffering wife, is remarkable and went balls out.

Terence Winter wrote a thorough script. Martin Scorcese directed the best picture he has ever done because it is so different from the focused drama that is legendary to his career. The crime of the film could have been that it is three hours but moves so well it captivates you. Also, Kyle Chandler moving further away from Coach Eric Taylor is wonderful.