"The Wolverine"

“The Wolverine” takes its audience on an international voyage. Logan goes from living in a whole in Japan to the side of a hill in Canada to a beautiful house in Tokyo. His disheveled appearance becomes tidier in a scene that showed the beast-like nature he holds in his claws erm veins.

High technology is keeping Yashida, a man Logan saved in the Nagasaki bombing, alive. He notes that Logan has not aged. Offering Logan the opportunity of life with love and passion and a true death, Yashida wants in exchange immortality. As Logan thinks about the offer, Yashida dies. After a traditional funeral and slash fest, the next part of the story turns to Logan protecting Mariko, Yashida’s gem of a granddaughter. With Logan not healing as fast as he used to, it could spell the end for his life.

The film is action packed with a love story, the dichotomy so striking to the strong storytelling with great background. Logan is haunted by Jean Grey in his dreams but later makes peace with her. The casting is perfection. Harada (Will Yun Lee), with his stellar archery skills, makes Katniss look like Forrest Gump. Yukio (Rila Fukushima) is the pulse of this film. There are some scenes that are so ridiculous and why does seemingly every film have crazy action scenes in all that rain? (I’m looking at you too Pacific Rim but only from the previews!) Viper is introduced towards the middle of the film and was a broke Poison Ivy. Marco Beltrami created a score that complements each scene be it compassionate, mortal combat or humorous. There are twists and turns galore, effectively using the two hours and small change running time. The anticipation is mutating for “Days of Future Past.”

Question: Should there be another “Wolverine?”