"This is the End"

I don’t even know where to begin with This is the End.

This film IS Rated R. Not peek of the cheek or small swig of brown liquor like other “R” rated films. This film is hairy balls pressed hard against your face.

The film makes fun of so many trends. Gluten, cleanses, reality shows, HIMYM. I would watch Jay, Seth, Danny and James spoof Real World, which they are in commercials, over Real Husbands of Hollywood. This inappropriate and creative spoof pushes the comedy bar so very well and has bits of Cloverfield and definitely The Exorcist. The score alone should be nominated for an Oscar. “Tipsy,” “Backstreet’s Back,” and other songs liven this film.

Jonah Hill, Academy Award nominated and in The Wolf of Wall Street, still brings the charm he carried as just the fat kid in Superbad. There are great film and TV reunions. Touching.

Rihanna was in it but she hardly talked that talk.

One of the reasons why this film is so great is because this comedy camp takes the same stuff but makes it better. The fact that these friends got to make fun of their terrible films (The Green Hornet, Flyboys, list goes on and on), make fun of the industry they work in and get paid for it sounds like the ultimate imitation of life.


Who would have known that Harry Osbourne would become James Franco?

That Lakers winning being a sign of the apocalypse joke is so played. It gets more action than a Lakers player on the basketball court.

Jay Baruchel has been upgraded to a solid 8.