"Trust Me"

In the backstabbing and cutthroat world of child actor casting, Howard Holloway (Clark Gregg) is trying to stay in the game. With his broken bluetooth and beat up car, he tries to inspire clients to strive for the best in their auditions that could make or break their career and his. In the list of characters are Marcy (Amanda Peet), the archetypal single mother divorcee with a keen sense of humor, Lydia (Saxon Sharbino), the dream child actress with a money hungry father Ray (Paul Sparks), the leeching and wealthy child actor agent Aldo (Sam Rockwell), producer and studio executive (Allison Janney and Felicity Huffman, respectively) who weave the story that is cautionary as it is illuminating.

Writer and director Clark Gregg does a thorough job with bringing the audience into this world of child actor casting. His performance is engaging. Amanda Peet is hilarious and a welcomed presence onscreen. William H. Macy has a small role and is delightful. Allison Janney, as always, is wonderful. Saxon Sharbino is remarkable and able to stand with her more seasoned cast mates. The cast comes together, even in their conflicts, with great chemistry.

For a film that is less than one hour and a half, it is entertaining but ends a bit weird. Still, the ending creates room for one’s own interpretation.