What a film.

JK Simmons.

He keep you on your toes with a fierce performance. No one else could have played Fletcher, a sharp and established musician and feared and revered music teacher at the top music school in the country. His vile verbal abuse was skin crawling but motivated his studio band, all who were male.

Miles Teller commands attention as Andrew, one of the students who drums his way to the attention of Fletcher. He literally gives his blood (a lot of it), sweat and tears to show he is the best. He is plagued by the failures of his writer father, played by Paul Reiser, which is his motivation as a music student.

Melissa Benoist has a small role as Nicole, Andrew’s love interest. She is stunning mostly for the lack of female representation in this film yet how she is viewed in the pursuit of perfection for Andrew and his passion.

Writer/Director Damien Chazelle is a stellar filmmaker for each moment that delivers the story.