"White House Down"

A lot can happen in forty seconds.

“White House Down” was more than action, good-looking men and revenge. It truly had a story about where America is. The amount of reporting inaccuracies that were shown in this film had to be a dig on real life cable and local news media. Also, the obsession the media has with making a “hero” out of a massacre or disaster. Because of this, what could be irritating about “White House Down” being overly dramatic at parts actually wasn’t because this movie could be a satire. Issues of healthcare, domestic terrorism and peace talks were also prominent.

Channing and Jamie made a great team. Jamie tried so hard to be in the role of a president but had his comedic game. Channing is a machine who carried this film. James Wood was good but wasn’t a stretch from previous roles. Jason Clarke should be in more summer films. Maggie G. plays the same stiff in her big time roles.

Thoughts: A writer or producer on this film had to have been a flag turner in a previous life. Roland Emmerich can put this film instead of “2012” for mentioned directing credits. I was uncomfortable with the gun being against Emily’s head so many times. Jim Carrey’s thoughts about not promoting “Kick Ass 2” because of the Sandy Hook massacre got me thinking about the scenes I mentioned in “White House Down.”