"X-Men: Days of Future Past"

Entertaining and thrilling but certainly not the best “X-Men” film. There was steady action throughout the film but for this to be the seventh film of the “X-Men” series, a part of the story was still explaining the rivalry and friendship of Professor X and Magneto. The film does employ the time of the ’70s through wardrobe and pop culture. There were eye-catching freeze frame action scenes that have a resemblance to “The Matrix.”

Peter Dinklage was good as Bolivar Trask, conniving and commanding in his quest to get his Sentinels to see the light of day. Although Jennifer Lawrence is in two film franchises, her acting wasn’t captivating for Mystique and also were her action scenes. Hugh Jackman is great as usual and cheeky in his humor and body. James McAvoy was convincing in his emotions to not have Raven and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) act out on their feelings. Michael Fassbender was good and embodied the role of a villain and protector. Halle Berry, Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart were hardly in the film but the story was more from the perspective of the past. The future came more from the war and the terrifying evolution of the Sentinels. Evan Peters as Quicksilver was probably the best part of the film as he was humorous and cool.

This movie can wait to be seen in theaters and you can even wait until DVD.