"Tomb Raider"

In the continued sea of remakes and reboots, this film stands apart. There were moments I forgot to breathe. The film starts building the relationship between Lara and her father Lord Richard Croft (how regal) and how Lara as an adult disassociated herself from the family name. London as one of the locations is gorgeous with the hustle and bustle of the streets to the gray sky views from the Croft high rise building. Junkie XL gave an incredible pulse with the music driving the action of the story. 

Alicia Vikander is remarkable as Lara, providing an "I didn't know my own strength" with this boundary pushing boldness. She also has naïveté. There are some obstacles she deals with that put a "really??!" on my face. I was nearly biting my fingers trying to see if she would make it through the next obstacle. She adds a little humor as well as compassion in the quest for finding her father. Dominic West, in his native English accent, plays Lord Richard Croft in the character's neuroticism, love for Lara and selfishness to feed a quest for fulfillment. He brings it all for a multi-dimensional character. Daniel Wu plays Lu, a side kick of sorts to Lara with matched boldness and humor. Walton Goggins plays Mathias, a ruthless villain who in moments you don't know whether to trust or dislike. Kristin Scott Thomas, in all of her alluring glory, plays Ana Miller, a overseer of Croft Industries. 

This film is set up well for a sequel, which I hope it gets. It is interesting to me a connection between this film and "A Wrinkle In Time", essentially the relationship between daughter and father and the quest the daughters endure to save their fathers and see them again.