"A Quiet Place"

I crawled on the seats of the theater. I rose in my seat to find out what was happening. The predators are terrifying and vengeful. What makes this film incredible is that this story can happen in real life. The story takes place in the not so distant future. An incredible feat is also that this film is one hour and thirty minutes. One thing after the next happens that keeps you locked in the story. Everything makes sense and leaves room for you to piece together the story even as it is not fully explained about the occurrence. The daughter is deaf, which is an advantage for them before the occurrence happens. Still, the family is not immune to anything.  Even as meticulous as the family is, when they do make a noise, those predators are ready to pounce, day or night. Also, the family eats well. The story packs a punch and leaves fantastic room for a sequel.

The sounds of the film crawl along your spine. It also helps you out a bit to know when the predators are coming. It is much scarier in the quiet. The first ten minutes reveals to the audience that you are in for a ride. Director and Co-Writer, with Bryan Woods and Scott Beck as writers, John Krasinki brings the audience into an idyllic and visceral film that massively pulls all of your senses. The story also explores grief, guilt and survival. 

Emily Blunt is an acting goddess. Without saying few words, she carries the film through the tears streaming down her face, the wideness in her eyes. John Krasinki is phenomenal in this role as a protector who masks his fear. Emily and John have sensational chemistry, which should be a duh, but many couples who worked together do not. It is natural as there are a couple of romantic moments. Millicent Simmonds is sensational. She carries teen angst that roots the story back to reality. Noah Jupe is the heartbeat, The cast masterfully acts in a stunning ensemble. I didn’t even know these characters had names until the credits.