"Irreplaceble You"

I wondered how I would fair watching a movie starring Michiel Huisman in which he did not have a beard. I must say fairly well. He is remarkably charming and emotional as Sam, the fiancé of Abbie, played beautifully and powerfully by Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Abbie and Sam have known each other since they were children and have been in a relationship for years. As they move into the next steps in their lives, reality hits Abbie hard in the form of a terminal cancer diagnosis. She embarks on a bright idea to find the "perfect partner" for Sam when she is passed on. They both fall into the consequences and the reality of their relationship. 

Sharon Bialy and Sherry Thomas formed an outstanding cast with Merritt Wever, Bryan Tyree Henry, Timothy Simons, Tamara Tunie, Zabryna Guevara, Kate McKinnon, Steve Coogan, Christopher Walken, Gayle Rankin, Jackie Weaver, Jessie Ennis and Glenn Fleshler. While the story centers on Abbie and Sam, the supporting characters add a depth to the story especially Myron, played by Christopher Walken, who Abbie meets and befriends in a support group.

Writer Bess Wohl sprinkles in light humor, romance and drama. There were some dragged out and some rushed moments. There was little relief in the story. One thing after the next occurred, which I see is meaningful to life. Director Stephanie Laing brings the essence of New York City for a beautiful beat even as the film is set in the course of winter. Costume Designer Whitney Anne Adams brought colorful accessories and attire for Abbie, who wears a turquoise-ish coat throughout the film along with cute dresses. Also, central for Abbie to show where she is in her diagnosis from more upbeat to more natural. The wardrobe is eclectic for the characters. 

You can watch this movie on Netflix.