"Solo: A Star Wars Story"

I have a confession. I have never seen an original Star Wars film. I'm still keeping my film enthusiast card. With that confession in the world, I was able to follow every aspect of this film that is a part of the broader story. Han's ambition to become a pilot. Seeing the Millenium Falcon for the first time. Meeting Lando Calrissian. The mischevious and suave character Han grew into. 

While the film could have been shaved off fourteen minutes and there is a too much backstory in parts, the story is well weaved in the Star Wars universe by writers Jonathan Kasdan and Lawrence Kasdan. Han Solo (Alden Enrenreich) becomes involved with a group of thieves that are easy to root for even when they are doing wrong against others in the fight for survival. In the quest to fulfill a debt, the audience is taken on an adventure. 

Donald Glover is as smooth as a baby's bottom. His costumes add to the allure of his character. Emilia Clarke is stunning, strong and charming with her wide smile. She stands independently as not just the love interest. Woody Harrelson is great. He seems like he could have been beamed into space from Texas with his signature drawl. Thandie Newton is commanding. Paul Bettany is a captivating as the villain. Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays L3-37, a droid with wit, sass and intelligence. She definitely plays the standout character of the film. Alden Enrenreich is incredibly cool and delivers the character in his boots. The ensemble cast exudes chemistry attributed to casting by Nicole Abellera, Nina Gold and Jeanne McCarthy. 

Director Ron Howard invigorates the odyssey of an iconic film franchise with edge of your seat fight scenes and action. Music Composers John Powell and John Williams score the soundtrack for jazz in space as well complimenting the action scenes.