Watching the trailer for this film, I expected it to be crazier than it ended up being. It's not quite psychopathic but there is a scene that emerges and it is astonishing. The setting of the film is mostly in a gaudy palace alluding to the wealth and gravitas of the characters. I did not get the sense that Amanda (Olivia Cooke) was wealthy, more the girl who attends private school on a scholarship. Lily and Amanda reconnect as revenge and angst boil in their blood. 

Paul Sparks is definitely a niche actor, always playing a crude, insecure man. It is no different in this film as Mark, Lily's stepfather, who is also vain and odd. Francie Swift plays Cynthia, Lily's mother, a widow still grieving who quickly marries Mark. For much of the film, Cynthia is distraught and anxious. Anton Yelchin plays Tim, a hangaround guy who has some kind of fondness for Lily. Olivia Cooke is sensational with her emotions in her eyes. Anya Taylor-Joy is prepster deliciousness with sharp ambition. Both actresses meet each other greatly in their scenes and carry the film. Casting Director Douglas Aibel crafted a wonderful cast. 

Erik Friedlander composed a score that is sinister for a film that is mostly quiet. Writer/Director Cory Finley formed a script with some cracks as I did not understand the beginnings of Lily and Amanda's friendship. Although the story moves slowly, when it picks up, it does.