"Set It Up"

Harper (Zoey Deutch) and Charlie (Glen Powell) are exhausted, overworked and under-appreciated personal assistants to powerful people in their industries, Kirsten (Lucy Liu) and Rick (Taye Diggs), respectively. To get back to their lives, Harper and Charlie team up to, you guessed it, set up their bosses. 

Pete Davidson is the best part of the film. He plays Duncan, Charlie's roommate and is also the bro-iest gay man I have ever seen in a film. Zoey Deutch is cute and holds a hunger to have a career. Glen Powell is charming and quirky. Taye Diggs is funny and maniacal. I loved that a black man was a successful venture capitalist. Lucy Liu is the archetypal successful and icy turned relaxed woman. Kirsten and Rick's chemistry held a rush of lust but was doomed from the start. Meredith Hagner, Titus Burgess and Jon Rudnitsky make a great supporting cast. Writer Katie Silberman reflects societal pressures for being complete by a certain age, which I think speaks to the ethos of multiple generations. 

The ending turned me off. It was formulaic for a romantic comedy. If anything this movie is a profile on the abuse of personal assistants with breathy laughter. Even the title alludes to that. New York is always a central character in a film. I liked that the film mostly centered by Bryant Park. Watching Harper and Charlie climb a fire escape are the signature moments you want from this city. 

You can watch this film on Netflix.