This film sat on "My List" on Netflix for a couple of years. Rightfully so as this is not a film you just watch. I was mostly intrigued by Jennifer Connelly and Anthony Mackie in a film together. What moved me to watch the film was that it is directed and written by Paul Bettany. The story follows two homeless people, Tahir (Anthony Mackie) and Hannah (Jennifer Connelly) in New York City. Tahir is an Muslim immigrant. He mostly makes his money from beating on pails, which brings out the flavor in his bloodline. Hannah's story is revealed in a familiar fashion. She is a drug addict and anger from trauma fuels her protection. She carries a sign saying "I Used To Be Someone". 

At first I wished the film was not set in New York City. However, as the film progressed, the setting could have only happened in this city as there is squatting and the changes in the seasons. 

Jennifer Connelly carries emotions in her eyes. She is put in dire positions that showcase her portrayal of Hannah even to her gaunt form. Paul Bettany is Jennifer's husband and when watching many of the scenes, I thought about how they do not hold back. Anthony Mackie is strong. Their characters for much of the film are the only two people. They feed off each other excellently in the film. Bruce Altman and Amy Hargreaves lead a passionate supporting cast.  

Composer James Lavelle created the music to sway the storyline through with light piano.