"Ocean's 8"

The film moves well with enough back story as the heist is planned and executed. With the slew of celebrity cameos, there were two characters that I was happy to see make a return. The film carries elements of the Ocean's series including the drama inducing score created by Daniel Pemberton and close up on the characters as they move onscreen. At first I thought developing a heist at the Met Gala was corny. However, screenwriters Gary Ross and Olivia Milch devise a funny and meta story with predictability.

Sandra Bullock is sharp and suave as Debbie. Cate Blanchett plays Lou, a liberated, fun and slick partner in crime to Debbie. I would plan a heist just to get in her closet. Helena Bonham Carter is one of my style icons so it is interesting to see her play a failing fashion designer acted humorously and wonderfully. Mindy Kaling plays Amita, a jeweler with signature wit. Rihanna is great. She makes a janitor's jumpsuit look fresh off the runway. Awkwafina is commanding and cool. Anne Hathaway plays into the vapid nature of celebrities and the perception of her as a person. Sarah Paulson is a strong light as Tammy. The ensemble shines. 

I wish this female led cast had a female director. Costume Designer Sarah Edwards created stunning looks attuned to each character's personality like the ├╝ber cool suits Lou rocks. Ultimately, the film is a fun escape into someone else's problems with some height. It stands alone with touches of an iconic film series.