"An Ode to 'The Parent Trap'"

My cousin worked at McDonald's. We ate there the entire day I saw "The Parent Trap". Eating plenty of pancakes and fries and hamburgers would have made it the greatest day of my childhood. I did not even know we were going to see the film. Family reunion festivities were over. I had a birthday party at The Discovery Zone. Yet, we walked through an empty parking lot in the stench of Atlanta's humidity to sit in a cold theater and enjoy this film. 

"The Parent Trap" was a part of peak Disney non-animated films. Summer camp! Revenge. Connection. Love. Huge bowls of strawberries. Secret handshakes. I don't think my smile left my face. It was the first time I went to London, watching Hallie return home from camp. Crossing the streets with her mother Elizabeth to go to her successful bridal shop was wonderful. I learned about Timbuktu from the icy, conniving Meredith. I still want to live in Nick Parker's spacious home. I looked at Annie with a stank face when she did not want the chocolate chip pancakes and bacon from the ever delightful and no non-sense Chessy. I may not drink an Evian bottle ever. Grandfather, Martin, Annie's tie dye girl friend, all of the girls at camp, even Meredith's assistant were all characters that drove the story where its center was Nick, Elizabeth, Hallie, Annie and Sammy. 

A few years ago, the film came on early morning on Halloween and I did not do anything but lay in bed to watch it. This year for Halloween, I will be Chessy. Ultimately, the memories I hold watching this film is why it is one of my favorites. The one I look forward to watching with my children.