"Small Town Crime"

An exceptional cast can make or break a film. With this film, an outstanding ensemble tells a story that is quirky, violent and dark. Mike Kendall (John Hawkes) craves to regain the glory of being a cop. After a night of binge drinking, Mike comes across the corpse of a young woman and takes what he believes the initiative to find her murderer. 

Directors and screenwriters Eshom Nelms and Ian Nelms create scenes that have little light and scenes that carry a suburban whimsical existence that is bright and colorful, adding a disillusion in Mike's psyche. The story unfolds in a timeline from the past and in the present smoothly. 

John Hawkes engages the audience in his performance with the pitfalls of being an alcoholic and working to do right. Anthony Anderson is Teddy, Mike's friend and a fairly timid family man. His role leads away from comedy signature in his roles. Octavia Spencer is strong as Kelly, Teddy's protective and no-nonsense wife. Jeremy Ratchford is deliciously evil as Orthopedic (what a character name!) out for Mike's blood. James Lafferty showcases his vengeful side as Tony, Orthopedic's partner in crime. Clifton Collins Jr., Michael Vartan, Daniel Sunjata, Robert Forster and Stefanie Scott lead an impeccable supporting cast crafted by casting director Jeff Johnson.  

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