"Mission Impossible: Fallout"

Everyone has an agenda. There are plot twists that shift the mission to capture Lark (Sean Harris), an arms dealer. The locations will put stamps in your passport. 

Tom Cruise is a beast, in tip top form with breathtaking action scenes. I wonder how fast he can run on the treadmill. He keeps the audience engaged with Ethan Hunt after 22 years since the first film. Simon Pegg plays Benji as never the sidekick, always the team player. Henry Cavill is a great addition to the cast with a saavy and strong (literally) performance. Ving Rhames is suave and masterful. Alec Baldwin is good. I will always watch a film with Wes Bentley and his dreamy dark black hair. Sean Harris is wonderfully conniving even as he spends most of the film in handcuffs. Michelle Monaghan makes a memorable appearance. Rebecca Ferguson is sharp. Her action scenes are incredible. Vanessa Kirby is captivating. Keep Dr. Auntie Angela Bassett in the series. All of the women are powerful, strong and vulnerable. 

This film could have been 25 minutes shorter. There are a couple of subplots that could have been cut. I wish the film was funnier to offset how long it was. There is a scene towards the end that is triggering. Writer and Director Christopher McQuarrie elevates the stakes in the series while weaving the previous stories.