"Like Father"

I will never listen to "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes the same way after watching this film. Rachel (Kristen Bell) is left at the altar, work obsessed and brought back into the strained relationship with her father, Harry (Kelsey Grammer).

Kristen Bell is known for her striking wit and humor. She draws the audience in with her dramatic scenes. Watching Rachel grow through Kristen's performance was wonderful.  Kelsey Grammer plays Harry with charisma and remorse. There is a good Dad joke he tells. I also never knew how much I needed to see him in a sequined jacket. Kristen and Kelsey have a powerful chemistry as father and daughter. Seth Rogen plays Jeff, Rachel's fling, with maturity in his acting., not just his signature laugh while holding a beer can. There is an inside joke Seth tells. Paul Downs is a bright spot of this film as Jim, a recently practicing therapist who guides Rachel and Harry to mend their relationship. Ejyp Johnson, Blaire Brooks, Leonard Ouzts, Brett Gelman, Zach Appelman, Mary Looram and Anthony Lacuira lead an entertaining supporting cast. 

Director & Writer Lauren Miller Rogen takes on tropes and balances humor and drama to build a light yet impactful story. Rachel is a character who gets to be emotional at work and reflective on the trip. Royal Caribbean is a prominent setting for the film, which heightens the limitations Rachel cannot escape from Harry and thus their problems. There is fun in the film with the cruise activities. Composer Roger Neill crafts a score with songs and sound that compliments the film. 

You can watch this film on Netflix.