This film reminded me of “The Hangover” and not because Ed Helms is in it. Childhood friends who play Tag may finally have to let the game go after one of the friends Jerry (Jeremy Renner) is getting married.

Jon Hamm lets his comedic flag fly high. Jeremy Renner is fun and suave. Hannibal Buress is the voice of reason with peppered humor. Jack Johnson is a comedic dream. Ed Helms is his signature dopey self yet is the glue for the friends. Isla Fisher is uproarious and fresh. Rashida Jones is sophisticatedly funny. Leslie Bibb (Brooke McQueen!) is wonderful. Annabelle Wallis plays mostly a supporting character yet is captivating with quips. Carrie Brownstein and Rel Howery have smaller yet mighty parts in the film. The cast all around works in part to natural chemistry and casting directors Rich Delia, Tara Feldstein and Chase Paris.

Writer Mark Steilen takes a story that is based on a real group of friends and adds outrageous elements with sentimentality. There are sensitive plots added to the storyline that you will not keep from laughing at. I admire how the female characters were written. The female characters get this weirdly interesting equality towards the end of the film. Director Jeff Tomsic and Editor Josh Crockett take you on a ride with slow-motion scenes and fast paced action. Let’s just say the stunt doubles had their work cut out for them. Composer Germaine Franco creates a solidly rockin’ soundtrack for the film.

You can get this film at Redbox. I wish I saw it in theaters.