Like the film "A Quiet Place", I saw the trailer for this film and thought that there was no way I would see this film. For this story, another disaster in the middle of the ocean? However, my dad and one of my friends told me I had to see this film so lo and behold, here I am. 

This film is perfectly one hour and thirty minutes. Tami Ashcraft (Shailene Woodley) is sailing her way through life with a passion for discovery. She meets a dashing man, Richard (Sam Claflin) with a boat. As they fall in love, they also decide to travel on the boat. Navigating treacherous hurricane waters tests not only their love but their survival. 

Shailene Woodley is wonderful in her emotions and awe. Sam Claflin balances the charm and drama of his role. Their chemistry is stunning. Director Baltasar Korm├íkur gives you the power of the ocean. How did the boat mostly stay intact? Writers Aaron Kandell, Jordan Kandell and David Branson Smith interweave how Tami and Richard met, fell in love and the agony they endured while lost at sea. In a scene, Tami stabs through a salad while Richard is chewing through his steak. I would like to add a part to The Bechdel Test where you also have to see a woman eating and not gazing lovingly into their love's eyes, even though yes this is based on a true story. 

You can get this film at Redbox.