"On The Basis of Sex"

This film is a testament to Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Her extraordinary work and determination ushered in a new era of fighting for equal justice. The work on one of her cases is the crux of the film, becoming more than a biopic.

Felicity Jones is captivating as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She delivers the gravitas of Ruth’s spirit as well as the motherly and caring breaths. Armie Hammer is strong as Marty Ginsburg. I believed he was a lawyer. He met the strength of Felicity’s performance without putting the spotlight on him. Cailee Spaeny is powerful as Jane Ginsburg, challenging her mother. Justin Theroux is wonderful as Mel Wulf, who is a childhood friend of Ruth’s and runs the ACLU. Sam Waterston plays a complicated character Erwin Griswold, who believes he is progressive but is just another powerful white man keeping the status of his kind. Kathy Bates, Jack Reynor, Sharon Washington, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Gabrielle Graham and Stephanie Costa are a part of the fascinating ensemble.

Director Mimi Leder gives wonderful guidance for the audience to experience the surroundings of the scene. The sets are stunning, from the busy ACLU office to the Ginsburg residence. Writer Daniel Stiepleman weaves in the blood boiling sexism, the next generation and importance of the ACLU. There is humor peppered in. The groundbreaking change parallels to today, how much has yet to change even in progressive efforts. Mychael Danna created a stunning score from the decades spanning the film. Costume Designer Isis Mussenden embodied the era in the costumes. Jane, as a teenager, wears a mini-skirt next to her mother who is still wearing skirts to her ankles. Ruth endures agony to look feminine but taken seriously as a man. The scarf is her ponytail was a lovely detail.

I was brought to tears by the ending of the film. Thank you, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.