This film is powerful, spiritual and fueled with determination. Adaeze (Genevieve Nnaji) takes over responsibilities of her father’s company, Lionheart, after he falls ill. When a loan is needed to not lose the company, she utilizes her skills and voice to excel, all in the symbolism of family.

Genevieve Nnaji is wonderfully captivating in every scene, moving Adaeze as a character through the course of the film. Peter Edochie plays Chief Ernest Obiagu, who is Adaeze’s father, with power and calm. Onyeka Onwenu gives patience and wisdom as Abigail Obiagu, Adaeze’s mother. Nkem Owoh is Chief Godswill Obiagu, Adaeze’s uncle, with understanding and a sharp tongue. Chibuzo Azubuike is Obiora, Adaeze’s brother and rising hip-hop artist, with the pangs of stardom and to prove his worth. Jemima Osunde is Onyinye, Adaeze’s assistant, with motivation and vigor. The supporting cast carries the wonder and importance of the story, balancing humor, drama and discovery.

Director Genevieve Nnaji delivers the sprawling beauty of Nigeria with the intimate moments and closeups of the characters. Lighting, and lack there of, in scenes played a pivotal role in evoking the emotion. Writers Genevieve Nnaji, Chinny Onwugbenu, Ishaya Bako, Emil Garuba and C.J. Obasi wrote unique characters who are given a story. I love how Adaeze affirms her strength, consciousness, loyalty along with the eagerness to keep her family’s legacy. The costumes are stunning. Ernest carries a huge fan, adding a regal look. The make-up and hair highlights the natural beauty of the characters. The music is a pulse of the film, driving the story as well.

You can watch this film on Netflix.