There is wonder in watching this documentary. The extraordinary life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her career begins before she wore her dissent collar yet is a testament to her tenacity. She secured rights, through a multitude of cases in the US, for women who sought to be equal in the workplace, inspired by the discrimination she received in college and after law school.

Directors Julie Cohen and Betsy West show stunning archival footage of RBG, including as a child and in law school, with a sweeping timeline. The footage of her confirmation hearing is woven into the documentary leading to the nickname she earned: Notorious RBG. The most beautiful part of the documentary was the love story between her and her late husband, Marty. The work she did when he had cancer during law school swelled my heart. It was refreshing to watch RBG laugh at herself with the parody of her performed by Kate McKinnon on “SNL”. The best part of the documentary is hearing the events of her life in her words. Featuring people in her life like Bill Clinton, who nominated her for the Supreme Court, Clara Spera, RBG’s granddaughter, Ann Kittner and Harryette Helsel, RBG’s childhood friends make the documentary special with reflections of the woman outside of the robe.

May Ruth Bader Ginsburg continue to thrive, be a fierce exerciser and remain a beacon for justice.

You can watch this documentary on Hulu.

On a side note, my respect for Jimmy Carter continues to blossom as well because of the documentary.