"Support the Girls"

This film was funny and light-hearted. Not an outright message piece. It was a strange sense of empowerment against the backdrop of sexism. The opening of the film reminds me of the stillness of “The Florida Project.” It is cars passing on the highway and the structures that hold the highway together, an allusion to the story.

Regina Hall is heartwarming as Lisa, the general manager of Double Whammies (an excellent bar name choice). “A” for effort with her Southern accent. Shayna McHayle has wonderful comedic timing as Danyelle, who is a wealth of wisdom yet is understanding her power. Lea DeLaria has a strong presence as Bobo, one of the regular customers. Haley Lu Richardson is the spotlight of the film as Maci, a young woman with optimism and cheer. Brooklyn Decker, Dylan Gelula and Elizabeth Treiu are a part of a strong supporting cast. Casting by Sally Allen and Toni Cobb Brock attribute this ensemble.

Writer and Director Andrew Bujalski wrote a film that understands women in their flaws and will to thrive, even if their circumstances don’t always let them. There were a couple of scenes that did not work well featuring the bar owner. The film would have worked more with just focusing on the girls, who were a bright spot of the film. The ending left me eager for more yet satisfied. Costume Designer Colin Wilkes embraced the charm and signature Texas heat with denim shorts, boots and uniforms the girls wear at the bar.

You can watch this film on Hulu.