"Mississippi Grind"

This film has been in my queue for literal years. When I decided a film to watch next and saw who directed this film, I knew it was time to watch it. Gerry, a gambler seeking refuge in getting one good bet finds an ally and distant friendship to Curtis, a hopeless wanderer and fellow gambler.

Ben Mendelsohn is his signature groggy being as Gerry. Ryan Reynolds is charismatic and rewarding in his arc as Curtis. Ben and Ryan have a deep-rooted chemistry. Sienna Miller plays Simone, a fling yet love interest to Curtis, with sincerity and curiosity. Stephanie Honoré plays Denise, an interest to Gerry, with naïveté and power. She looks like Emma Stone and Aubrey Plaza’s first cousin. Alfre Woodard is in one scene and captivates and glows in her voice and presence.

Writers and Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck developed a well-rounded script with use of the scene. The wide shots captured in each city the men traveled. We experience the road trip the men are on. The location scouting was exceptionally done. The film is hilarious in parts with a pinch of shade. There could have been nine minutes shaved off the film. I was intrigued that they just directed and co-wrote the massively scaled “Captain Marvel.” Costume Designer Abby O’Sullivan gives each character a distinct look. A black older gentleman wears the heck out of a mint green button down with a forest green cap. Music by Scott Bomar created a fantastic score driving the course of the film and highlighting influences from some of the cities.

You can stream this film on Netflix.