"Fast Color"

One of the few uses of Twitter is the power of word of mouth. I learned about one of the most extraordinary films I ever witnessed thus far in my life because of my newsfeed. Three generations of black women harness and embrace their supernatural powers amidst internal rifts and leeching scientists eager to study the family’s DNA.

Gugu Mbatha-Raw is one of my favorite actresses. She is powerful as Ruth, a recovering addict who has yet to understand her power. Her vulnerability livens in her eyes. Saniyya Sidney is remarkable as Lila, Ruth’s daughter eager to explore outside the confines of her home. She balances charisma, vigor and curiosity. Lorraine Toussaint is a goddess and as ever-commanding as Bo, the matriarch with wisdom and passion. David Strathairn is mysterious and smooth as Ellis, a protector and connection to the family. Christopher Denham, Sylvie Grontis Hagan and Levi Dylan Martinez are part of a complete ensemble.

Writers Julia Hart and Jordan Horowitz showed the beauty and tribulations of black women. It was not just the world against them. During the course of the film, there are conflicts amidst them. The story has a dystopian edge, however a contemporary story occurs. When I watched the characters use or purchase water, because it has not rained in eight years, I thought about what residents of Flint, MI endure to have access to clean water. The story begins slowly but bursts with emotion by the magnetism of family and a love story. Director Julia Hart captures the electrifying colors with a stellar visual and special effects team. When the power is used, it is as though time stops watching each shot of the moment. Music by Rob Simonsen heightens the tension of the film with a cerebral score.

I was proud to support this film. I carried the feeling most black people have when they see themselves onscreen. To see the film in my neighborhood movie theater in Baldwin Hills was a bonus. I squealed internally because a city in the film is View Park, a neighborhood near where I live.

My heart beats a bright red after seeing “Fast Color.”