The film was a few things but not quite. Horror. Satire. Fictional. An imagination. This film is about a black man named Tyler (referred to as Tyrel in parts) who spends time with a group of white men in the Catskills.

Jason Mitchell brings humor and anger to Tyler. He plays a cook in this film, a job for most of his characters, tied possibly because Jason was an oyster shucker before becoming an actor. Caleb Landry Jones truly played into the brashness of his character, Pete. Christopher Abbott was fantastic as Johnny, Tyler’s friend who coaxes Tyler to being “one of the guys.” Ann Dowd is delightful as Silvia. Reg E. Cathey, in one of his final performances, is strong as Reggie. Michael Zegen, Nicolas Arze, Michael Cera and Roddy Bottum form a strong ensemble, amplifying the flow of the story.

Writer and Director Sebastián Silva crafted a film that highlights the struggles of being black and brown man in a predominantly white man’s space. One of the white men puts on a durag and automatically thinks they can rap. Tyler dry laughs with his discomfort shown. Tyler’s irritation heightens when he is asked to participate in asinine games, yet he wants to be a part of the crew so he gives in with a smile. The camera absorbs the convos and interactions in the home. The way I will sum up this film is white boy wasted and ruthless living from the eyes and actions of a black man. If the film was any longer, I would say it was a dud. However, clocking in at 1 hour and 26 minutes, it is long enough to get the scope of what the film tries to convey.

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