"See You Yesterday"

This film embraces all of the elements I enjoy in film. Cool characters, sharp writing, culture and escapism. CJ and Sebastian are friends eager to build a time travel machine. When CJ’s brother is murdered by police, they work to prevent the circumstances prior to his death.

Eden Duncan-Smith is fantastic with true emotion as CJ, a powerful girl with imagination and innovation. Dante Crichlow is mesmerizing as Sebastian, a boy with curiosity. They have stunning chemistry with keeping each other in check and holding each other up. Astro, Marsha Stephanie Blake and Wavyy Jonez lead a strong supporting cast. Michael J. Fox makes a charming cameo.

Co-writers Stefon Bristol and Fredrica Bailey crafted an affirming, blerdy, hilarious and black multi-layered script. I loved the homage to Brooklyn and the generational relationships. Director Stefon Bristol gave power in how the characters function in reality. While CJ and Sebastian are teenagers, they are written wonderfully and compellingly. Costume Designer Charlese Antionette Jones crafted distinct looks for each character. I particularly liked the hip-hop grunge vibe. The ending is satisfying.

You can stream this film on Netflix.