"Period. End of Sentence."

“We want women to rise and fly.”

This Academy-Award winning documentary short is 26 minutes. The focus is women in rural India as they make pads and girls and women who learned about their use. There is economic growth, entrepreneurship, sisterhood and education. “Avengers: Endgame” also should have been this long.

Director Rayka Zehtabchi gave striking close-ups of the girls and women, who were curious about the camera and giddy about the pad tutorials. Gender roles are prevalently shown throughout the documentary short. For the most part, having a period was private, embarrassing and degrading. The dubbing voices for English is obnoxious. However, the documentary short is so engaging and impactful, you barely notice. I am in an awe of Arunachalam Muruganantham, who created the pad making machine. While the machine seems archaic, for the women, pads are revolutionary. He also spoke glowingly of women, our power in society. There was a woman who dreamed of being in the police force. You see women hustle to sell the pads. I am glad the focus was on the girls and women in India. Their voices are rich in the story’s timeline. It gives value to this project.

You can stream this documentary short on Netflix. You can also visit www.padproject.org.