"Always Be My Maybe"

The title of this film alone made me eager to watch. Sasha and Marcus are childhood friends who lose touch after a heart-wrenching moment. When they reconnect as adults, they realize what was a maybe could become something.

I need to watch more of Ali Wong. She is fantastic as Sasha. Randall Park is sharp as Marcus. As an actor, he knows his lane without being typecasted. Daniel Dae Kim, who was a gorgeous presence, is Brandon, Sasha’s conceited and business minded “boyfriend.” Michelle Buteau and Casey Wilson continue the humor as Sasha’s assistant and decorator, respectively. James Saito is warm and encouraging as Harry, Marcus’ father. Susan Park is wonderful and nurturing as Judy, Marcus’ mother. Raymond Ma, Peggy Lu and Karan Soni are a part of a stunning supporting cast in humor and presence. Keanu Reeves walks in the room and air exhales.

Writers Ali Wong, Randall Park & Michael Golamco crafted a strong romantic comedy. The story felt realistic and inclusive. It was also sentimental. The ending was rushed. The film is fun with enough drama. I liked that Sasha was a successful chef. She grew up as a latch key kid. The relationship between her and Judy, particularly through food, was special. Director Nahnatchka Ali gave a wide scope of San Francisco. I could tell the location scouts had a ball capturing the eclecticism of the city. Marcus fronts a band. Their music is cool and funny. Michael Andrews and Greyboy created a good soundtrack. Ali Wong’s glasses are a character of their own. Costume Designer Leesa Evans created essential looks for each character. Sasha moved in and out of glamour and comfort casual effortlessly.

This film is streaming on Netflix.