"Someone Great"

I was hesitant to watch this film.

It seemed too romantic. Premise was not my cup of tea. Would it be cheesy? Then I said, “It’s time to watch.” The film begins with “International Players Anthem” playing and I was ready. Jenny, a music journalist, is broken up by her longtime boyfriend, Nate. This is the night before her last full day in New York City before she moves to San Francisco. What follows in the day is cleansing, reflection, and fun.

The cast was essential in my interest to watch. Gina Rodriguez is outstanding as Jenny. DeWanda Wise is herlarious and free-spirited as Erin, Jenny’s best friend. Brittany Snow is warm and ambitious as Blair, also Jenny’s best friend. She is the more guarded of the trio. Watching her peel away the stress elevates the dynamic of this trio. Watching her dance was awesome. Lakeith Stanfield is charming as Nate. The chemistry between him and Gina as their characters is electric, in parts explosive and colorful. Peter Vack plays Matt, a fun opposite to Blair. Rebecca Naomi Jones is lovely as Leah, Erin’s love interest. Alex Moffat is delightful as Will, Blair’s boyfriend. There are a few cameos that filled me with glee. Casting is exceptional by Jeanne McCarthy, Rori Bergman and Leslie Woo.

Writer and Director Jennifer Kaytin Robinson gave a film experience. Each of the female characters have their awakening, which makes them full and realized people. There is a good amount of drama. Jenny flowing through the memories and processing her love is remarkable. Costume Designer Stacey Battat stitches liveliness and culture into each character’s unique style. In Jenny’s first scene, she is wearing overalls! The soundtrack is perfect and upbeat. A wonderful compilation by Germaine Franco with Music Supervisors Stephanie Diaz-Matos and Sarah Bromberg.

New York City in this film is a vital part of the story but does not feel all in your face. It’s peaceful and for healing.

This film is streaming on Netflix.