"The Kitchen"

Kathy, Ruby and Claire watch their husbands go off to prison for robbery and a slew of criminal charges. One with gloom, two with glee. When their financial situation threatens even their basic needs, they live by the code of “by any means necessary” and instilling a new rule in Hell’s Kitchen.

Melissa McCarthy is captivating as Kathy. Tiffany Haddish is a gangsta as Ruby. She utilizes an opportunity to show her dramatic ability. Elizabeth Moss is fantastic as Claire. She reigns in her dominance as a stellar actor. Clare’s evolution allows Elizabeth to act in an interesting arc. Domhnall Gleeson is ever the chameleon as Gabriel, Claire’s love interest and ruthless hitman. Margo Martindale is intentional in the delivery of Mrs. O’Carroll, Ruby’s racist mother-in-law. James Badge Dale and Jeremy Bobb play horrible men with vigor as Kevin and Rob, respectively. Brian d’Arcy James is Jimmy, Kathy’s husband, with a balance of ego and trepidation. Annabella Sciorra, Common, E.J. Bonilla, Bill Camp, Wayne Duvall, and Sharon Washington are just the beginning of a stunning supporting cast, evoking the criminal world.

I almost did not write about this film because it is violent. However, I recognize the violence is necessary to guide the story. Therefore, watch with caution. Andrea Berloff as director is strong. As a writer, the script needed support. There is a plot twist that briefly revives interest in the film then fades. Kathy, Ruby and Claire are rise above dire situations. The story is based off the DC comic book miniseries, “Vertigo,” and rethinks how comic books are adapted because it does not have CGI action. Music by Bryce Dessner captures the thriving soundtrack of the 70’s. Costumer Sarah Edwards delivers a stunning timeline of the women through their outfits in part with tall boots, prints and chic blouses.