TBTo the Screen

"Broken Flowers" (2005)

Almost any film with Jeffrey Wright sets my heart racing. Any film with Chloe Sevigny sets my heart racing. Though the exquisite actors do not share a scene in this film, they do share multiple scenes with Bill Murray, who is in his sweat suit lothario best.

This film is quiet and about the characters. Alexis Dzeina as the ditzy teenage daughter to Laura Daniels Miller (Sharon Stone), one of the ladies Don Johnston (Bill Murray) romanced. Jessica Lange as an animal communicator, Dr. Carmen Markowski, who Don also romanced. Frances Conroy as a real estate agent, Dora, who Don also romanced. Jeffrey Wright as Winston, Don’s Jamaican neighbor. Winston gives Don the idea to find out if who the mother to his son is.

The details, in addition to the characters, are the best part of this film. Watching the pink enveloped letter travel through the Post Office system in the beginning of the film, the idyllic suburban homes Don travels through to meet Dora, the trees on the side of the highway as Don drives are apart of those details. The film is about searching through loneliness and curiosity with very dry humor.