42 was a good film. The first thing one of my friends asked when the credits were rolling was what I gave the film on a scale of 1-10? I said 10 just because she asked me right after the film and I felt so good but now I would say a solid 8. The friends who I saw the film with all gave a score no higher than a 5 because they expected more violence because of the time period. They said that the writing was cheesy and the casting had problems. Also that the film should have been on network TV, not even Lifetime let alone HBO. I think there wasn’t a lot of violence so the film would not have an R-rating and to allow a lot of people, particularly young people, the opportunity to see the film with a PG-13 rating. I think this film would have done better as a History Channel movie, just like I read in a review for the film in People. I think it could have given the film a broader audience. Even Reelz Channel would have been a great choice, as they showed the film The Kennedys.

Harrison Ford, as I expected, was great to see on screen again. The humor and confidence that Ford delivered in his character Branch Rickey brings inspiration to the film. Ford is truly a special actor. This is because he is not overexposed. I thought about all of the films that he had been in, the classics Star Wars and Indiana Jones, just to name a few. Ford is worthy of buying the ticket alone for this film.

Watching this movie, I was angry, hopeful and amazed. This is why I go to the movies: to take myself out of my life for a couple of hours. The film was also great to me because the focus was on the legend of Jackie Robinson and also featured the great story of his love Rachel Robinson, who at 90 years old today looks GAWGEOUS. The film was not three hours long. Jared Followill tweeted a while ago, “Saw This is 40. Saw Django Unchained the other day. Both great movies. But is it against the law to make a film under 2 hours these days?” And I mean really though?

There is also something about seeing movies with my people. Black folks laugh, talk, yell at the screen and make the movies an experience. No critic does that. Film critics get paid to see a movie for free. So they can say whatever they want. The whole theater roared in claps and cheers throughout the film. A few “amens” set the theater in a great mood. Some “uh uhs” showed the way that people felt about the upsetting parts of the film.

I look forward to seeing Chadwick Boseman in more films. The casting in this film was perfection because there were no famous people just actors known for their talent. Chadwick is one of them. It may be a stretch to believe that he will help the current stigma of black actors and the roles that they are left to play: thugs, drug dealers, dead beats, drug abusers but Chadwick is an intelligent actor and I hope that showing he can act against a great, he will become one himself.