TBTo the Screen

"Troop Beverly Hills" (1989):

“Troop Beverly Hills” has to be the definition of a cult classic. Cliché dialogue. Cheesy drama. Amazingly tubular music. Mindlessly funny. Shelley Long.

What is wonderful about the story is Beverly Hills. Limos to troop meetings. A badge for detailing gems at Cartier. Camping at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Absolutely stereotypical but genius.

The casting director got a lot right with the actors. Kellie Martin as the daughter of unemployed actor Willie Garson (who is essentially 90s acting royalty). Shelley Morrison, known as Rosario from “Will and Grace,” is the loyal housekeeper, Rosa. Carla Gugino as the daughter of jetsetting parents and Jenny Lewis as Hannah, daughter of Phyllis and Freddy (Craig T. Nelson). Special shout out to Tasha Scott, who played Jasmine Shakar, the most pre-teen sista girl. And Betty Thomas was perfectly annoying as Velda, the jealous scout leader.

Phyllis’ wardrobe comes correct in this film. That trenchcoat Girls Scout uniform is everything. It was funny to see a Pic N’ Save known today as Big Lots. The opening of the film was much like “Ren and Stimpy.” Also troops mentioned from Culver City and Mar Vista was marvelous.