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"Mosquita y Mari" (2012)

Most people know about South Central. Compton. Watts. East Los Angeles is not particularly prominent in film and music but in the compelling coming of age story, “Mosquita y Mari” the part of the city that is home for many becomes apart of the audience.

Two high school girls, Yolanda and Mari, from different groups become friends. Clichè much? No not at all. The girls live across the street from each other. They spend nearly every waking minute of the day with each other. The friendship began when Yolanda (Fenessa Pineda) starts tutoring Mari (Venecia Troncoso) in math to show how great a student Mari is. Mari, after a couple exams, does very well on one and better than star math class pupil Yolanda. That is when the strain in their friendship starts. When there is a moment Yolanda and Mari might kiss that furthers the strain on their friendship. Amidst family and school drama, the film captures the teen spirit and captures what is love while not revealing that the two girls do feel something for each other.

This film is a true labor of love from Director/Writer and East Los Angeleno Aurora Guerrero. The young actors are really special in detailing this story. This film is reminiscent of “Thirteen.” The scenes in this film are tamer but still gives the effect of movement in these girls’ lives.

The ending leaves room for the imagination of what could be.